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Your wish is my command

The first time I came across the expression Your wish is my command! was while reading Aladdin. For those who don’t know this story, Aladdin is a poor, young man who finds an oil lamp. When he rubs it, a genie comes out of it, and tells Aladdin: ‘’Your wish is my command.’’, thus granting every wish that Aladdin has.

Your wish is my command, Aladdin lamp, genie in a bottle lampI was a child when I first read it, and I am sure that everyone who’s ever read it thought how nice it would be to have such a lamp, and I was no exception. My friends and I talked about what we would wish for – it was mostly materialistic things, such as a big house, a nice car, a lot of money. Basically, they were things we didn’t have (I grew up in the 80s in a communist/socialist country, where many people didn’t have a lot of money). As I child, I was hoping that such a lamp actually did exist.

Then, as I grew older, I simply forgot about it. In addition, as an adult you start thinking that such a lamp is nothing but a product of imagination, that it doesn’t exist, otherwise we would know about it – we live in a technological world, so the news of someone finding it would be world news the next, if not the same, day.

But the funny thing is that it does exist, just not in the form of a lamp. The lamp is basically the universe, so the universe is the one that grants you your wishes. Just think of some of your wishes that have come true. Write them down into your journal so that you have proof of this. Any kind of proof strengthens your belief that the universe responds to your wishes, and as a result you trust the universe, you get a sense of calmness and peacefulness about your life and the way of life in general.

The most important thing is to tell the universe (or God) what it is that you want. You can envision this in your mind, and then attach some positive emotions to this vision (such as joy, happiness, excitement, etc.). This makes your wish stronger. Next, believe that you already have what you want, and envision yourself enjoying it. Make sure you act upon your wish – don’t just sit at home, be proactive. Even if you wish to win the lottery, you still need to purchase a lottery ticket. Lastly, when it arrives, receive it with open arms. Feel wonderful about it and enjoy it.


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