Week in review

Week in review

The week started with much better weather than we had last week so immediately you just have more energy. 🙂

Story of the week:

  • It was really nice to see that the Balkan countries managed to put the past behind them and show support by gathering clothing, food, water and everything needed for those affected by the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Areas affected by the floods. Image from http://misha.blog.rs

Quote of the week:

  • I LOVE this quote, it really nails it. Here it is: We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole. Jane Fonda

Article of the week:

  • It’s for all those who wear make-up. Most of our beauty routines are all-too predictable. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, apply and even layer of foundation, dab all over with powder – and our make-up base is complete. Well, apparently, we’re all missing a trick. According to fans of the new make-up technique face-contouring, rather than aiming for an even veil of foundation, we should be daubing our faces with wide stripes of bright white highlighter and thick blobs of chocolatey foundation, before blending it all together. Click here for more tips and tricks.

Movie of the week:

  • Watching Love Actually always puts me in a good mood. It is such a brilliant movie and a must-see for everyone.

Roman toga

Activity of the week: There were more than just one activity this week that are worth mentioning.

  • The first one technically belongs to the past week, but I will include it here. 🙂 Wearing a toga at work. I mean, how often do you get to dress up at work? It doesn’t count if you are an actor/actress. 😉 The toga was made for me by a co-worker. I had been going around the shops for a few days, and then she offered to do it for me just because and out-of-the-blue, and I was glad to repay the favour this week by helping her with some computer-related things.
  • The second one was about conquering your fears. I must admit that I didn’t touch the cockroaches.

snakefrogcockroachbig, hairy spider

  • The third one was seeing my friends after a long time. It was nice catching up a bit although we need to meet up without children so we can really catch up. 😉 Those with children will know what I’m talking about. The sparrows at the cafe sure weren’t afraid of people.


Song of the week:

  • I’ve heard it a few times on the radio this week so it’s only fair I post it. It’s Shakira feat. Rihanna and Can’t Remember to Forget You.

I hope you had a great week!

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