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Why writing a journal can be beneficial

How often have you heard the saying healthy mind in a healthy body, or that true beauty comes from the inside? I’d say you’ve certainly come across them at least once in your lifetime.

Taking care of you from the inside is just as important, if not even more, than taking care of your outside beauty. You have to put food that fuels and nourishes your body every day so you have to eat well, but you also have to take care of your mental health. Only when you feel good about yourself from this inside does it show on the outside.

We all have things in our past that have helped shape us as a person, we all behave according to patterns, specific to us. Some patterns help us, while some hinder us. In order to find the ones that hinder you, I recommend that you write a journal.  journal
Having a journal is important because in it you write your thoughts, ideas, insecurities, fears, desires, hopes, and dreams. It is a helpful tool with which you can analyse how your past experiences have played a part in your life so far. You can see what beliefs you have about yourself and the world. It is the time when you are completely honest to yourself about yourself. You can also write down the things that you are grateful for, you can write down affirmations, anything that serves as a reminder that the universe acts according to the law of attraction. I know that you can also do this in your thoughts, but somehow transforming your thoughts into writing has that extra strength, the words you put into your journal are always there to see and read, while you can forget what you said in your internal dialogue, especially if it has been weeks or even months since then. You can use them when you feel insecure, when you are in doubt, when you need to see what progress you have made over time.

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Do you keep a journal? How has it helped you?


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