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Are you attracting poor health?

I do not talk about health in my book Heal and Prosper: How to Heal your Mind and Soul, and Attract Abundance of Love, Healthy Relationships, Success, and Money, but I do want to devote this blog post to it. Health refers to your physical health, your emotional health, as well as you psychological health. It happens quite often that when emotional and psychological health are out of balance it starts to manifest in your physical health.

What you put into your body determines how your body feels – food gives your body energy, vitamins, and nutrients, so take a look at your eating habits. Write a food journal for one week and write what you eat and drink throughout each day – even if it is only one biscuit or a glass of water.

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After a week, calculate how many calories you consume each day and look at what food would be considered unhealthy. Then, change your eating habits, start eating healthier and more consciously. It might be hard at first because you are used to your old way of eating, but don’t give up. It usually takes 30 days for something to become a habit so stick with it. Write down how you feel each day and you will see if your physical and psychological well-being improve. And don’t beat yourself up if you give into temptation once in a while.

Also take a look at your environment. Is there anything there that could be affecting your health? Maybe it is having too many electrical devices at home, or living next to a factory or in a city with a lot of smog? Try to minimise (if not eliminate) harmful things in your environment.

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Next, take a look at your belief system. Do you feel that you can only get attention of your loved ones when you are ill? Do you ask yourself why bad things happen to you? Do you play a victim? It could be that you are subconsciously attracting such things into your life.

How do you treat your body and your health? Do you eat regularly? Do you exercise regularly? Exercise makes your energy flow so do it regularly, but make sure you don’t overdo it, because then your body doesn’t have time to recuperate in between training sessions and the energy is leaving your body too quickly, Do you take on more responsibility than you can handle? Do you work too much? Do you do something to relax and de-stress every day? What do you do, and what else could you do?

working out 1

Be honest with yourself about your health – only so can you change and improve it! If you think diets don’t work (maybe because you’ve tried some without achieving great results), ask yourself why you think so and how long you stuck to one? Was it a few days, maybe a few weeks? No one can really get amazing results when being on a diet only a few days or weeks, especially when you want to lose a considerable amount of weight. 😉

One thought on “Are you attracting poor health?

  1. Love your post! My hubby and I had McDonald’s last night (because we were too lazy to plan a healthy meal) and both woke up this morning feeling like crap! Great motivation for us to get going on the health train. Thanks!


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