Week in review

Week in review

Facts of the week:

  • Good things come to those who wait and Patience is a virtue come to my mind when thinking about the image bellow. I’ve always wanted a company to make leak-proof water bottle, and finally someone heard my plea. 🙂 Over the past few years I’ve had a few different plastic bottles and I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of them. I didn’t want a glass one because my water bottle sometimes jumps (hihi) onto the floor and this would cause it to break – and you cannot risk any injuries of pupils that would be in its vicinity. I wanted the cap to be like in the regular plastic bottles that you can purchase in a store (containing water, juice, or any other drink). I was happy to find this one, and it even comes with a glass. 🙂 I must warn you that you should check the cap and see if the rubber is positioned properly each time before you close it to prevent any accidental leaking. I found out about this the hard way but luckily nothing was damaged.

Alladin water bottle

  • It’s strange being at work while pupils are not there, but it’s also nice to be able to listen to music, turn the speakers up, and just sing. 😀 Relaxing, calming, and fun!


Quote of the week:

  • You are the master of your life – you are the master of your mind – you have the power to change the way you think and feel. You have the power in you to achieve your goals, to become the person you want to be, and to live the life of your dreams. by Zlatoslava Petrak


Article of the week:


Photo of the week:

pic of the week...one of my spots


Activities of the week:

  • Outdoor exhibitions are perfect for spending time when waiting for someone. There are some beautiful houses, it just makes you want to move there immediately.

outdoor exhibition of houses

  • If you are thirsty, you can just drink some water from a fountain. There’s a sign that says that it’s safe to drink it.

tap water from a fountain

  • And if you just want to relax, sit for a bit, and read a book or two, you can do this to. 🙂 Every year in late spring and summer we have a library outdoors – several  actually, scattered along the city.

Outdoor library

  • This is what my Saturday or Sunday mornings usually look like. 🙂

Saturday morning

  • I was surprised and happy to see how many different gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free products we have in one store. Others do carry some gluten/dairy/lactose-free products, but this one has by far the widest range – and this is just the drinks! Even more amazing – some are not captured in this photo! 😀
gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free drinks

gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free drinks

  • My bicycle bell has been acting a bit strange lately and I accidentally stumbled upon this one. It was enormous, I’m afraid it might tip my bike to one side, haha.

bicycle bell

  • It was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday this week and I was feeling a little crafty and this is what I made. Let me just say that it was my first time so not that bad. 😉



Song of the week:

  • This week it’s Stupid Little Things by Anastacia.

I hope you had an amazing week!

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