Week in review

Week in review

Fact of the week:

  • Summer is nicer when you are on holiday. Yuppie! 😉 😀 Oh, the joy of not having to wake up to the sound of the alarm clock at 5.50 – priceless. 🙂

Quote of the week:

  •  Anyone who ever accomplished anything did not know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were going to do it. by Bob Proctor

Article of the week:

  • My younger’s sister daughter used to be a really picky eater. She would look at what food was on the spoon that one of her parents was about to put into her mouth and if she saw something that she didn’t like, she would just close her mouth and that was it. Luckily, she isn’t so picky anymore, and I am sure she’d love these creations. Perhaps you can give it a go with your children and see if they leave anything on the plate. I know I wouldn’t with most of these delicious breakfasts. 😛

Photo of the week:

  • A clever way of ”advertising”. 🙂


Pic of the week....position open

Activities of the week:

  • I never thought I’d say this but I love my pink panther (my bike’s nickname). It comes in handy especially in summer when the buses are as rare as four-leaf clovers.
  • Speaking of bikes – my town has sort of a rent-a-bike: you pay €3 when you register and then you can use it for as often and as much as you like. The first hour is free of charge.

Rent a bike

  • I purchased this mini water fountain a few weeks ago and it finally arrived this week. I LOVE it! It’s good feng shui, plus it gives that romantic feeling – really gorgeous.

mini water fountain, good feng shui

  • Tried my hand at making ice cream from a frozen banana. Note for next time:  less yoghurt. 😉

home-made banana ice cream

  • And this was next time. I skipped the yoghurt part, and it was delicious.

banana ice cream, take two

  • On the last day of school, the school cook prepared us some yummy treats. I didn’t try any but I can tell you that the pastry with the banana smelled like heaven. Apologies for the poor quality, but I only had my phone with me.

apple strudel banana pastry pastry filled with berries

Song of the week:

  • I came across this song a few weeks ago and liked it from the get-go. I am amazed at her live performances of this song – you can hear that she sings it with her soul, gives it her all, and I just love it when her voice gets a bit raspy. It’s the amazing Sia with Chandelier.



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