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Everybody needs a mentor

We have different upbringings, different life challenges, different experiences but we all have one thing in common – we all need a mentor in our lives.

image from justoccurred.blogspot.com

image from justoccurred.blogspot.com

Our parents usually take this role in our early childhood. They guide us, they are someone we look up to, we admire them. If your parents were not the kind of parents that offered you love and support, then you most probably looked outside to find mentors – consciously or unconsciously.

Parents are our first role models. Image from www.blog.careerfutura.com

Parents are our first role models.
Image from http://www.blog.careerfutura.com

As you are growing up, your social world widens and new people enter your life, such as teachers, your friends’ parents, and you often start looking up to them. Quite often, we look up to actors and musicians and other people in the public eye. We usually imagine them as being perfect or near perfect and attribute personal characteristics to them. These personal characteristics then become something that we strive for, and we rearrange our value system and moral compass according to new values.

Having a mentor means that you have a support system outside yourself, that you have someone to offer you valuable advice, knowledge, experiences, guidance, and words of encouragement. Mentors can help you grow emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. They offer you their shoulder when you need to cry and give you a kick in your behind when you need to be active.

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people. You will tap into their mindset, learn from their mistakes and successes, and rewire your brain when it comes to success. They will ignite your passion and desire to be more, do more, and create more.

If the person you are looking up to is someone you don’t personally know (a famous actor, musician, etc.), please remember that they are only human and that they make mistakes. Try to find the characteristics that you admire in them also within you. Perhaps you are not that different from your mentor after all and you already possess the qualities you admire about other people.

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