Week in review

Week in review

Fact of the week:

  • I need sleep. Lots of sleep. And sun. 😀

Quote of the week:

  • Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Chinese proverb

Articles of the week:

  • I live in Sweden because the taxes are higher, nobody is starving, good health care, free schools and universities. It’s a civilized country and I like that. Interview with Stellan Skarsgård
  • I usually post great ideas  – either related to improving your home, making it look better, or ideas how to do something. Well, this time I am posting some really, really dumb ideas – please, do not try them.
  • One of the coolest commercial in recent years!

Photo of the week:

  • Modern children. 😀

Photo of the week 2

Activities of the week:

  • I had been searching for a small handbag that would be soft, come with a silver chain, and wouldn’t cost a fortune, and after months of searching I found the one. I found it completely by accident – had to run some errands in a part of town I almost never visit and then I had about 30 minutes before my bus came so I decided to check out the shops in that particular shopping centre. It is made by Carpisa and I got it for half the price as they had a sale on 😀
bag by Caprisa

bag by Carpisa

  • I was supposed to play mini golf with two of my friends but one of them started having back problems so we had to reschedule. Instead, I went for a walk with the other friend. It was nice to catch up for that hour. 🙂
  • Gargling sage, taking vitamin C tablets – oh, yes, the toll of the first week back to work and having to talk a lot. Usually, my throat would manage until 3rd week. So the weekend was spent on self-imposed voice rest.
Let's heal my sore throat

Let’s heal my sore throat

  • I also did an energy cleanse of my home with rice and salt which meant that I had a lot of cleaning to do the next day. 😉 I remember that the first time I did it I had a really hard time waiting for 24 hours before I could clean it, I just felt so nervous. Since I spent about 3 hours cleaning the flat the last time, I decided to be a bit wiser as to where I put the salt and rice so it only took me about an hour this time (sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning). 😀

energy cleanse of the flat

  • Most people in my country think that teachers work from 8 to 12 and have all the holidays off, but it’s mostly those who don’t work as a teacher or who don’t know anyone who works as a teacher. In fact, my Saturday afternoon was spent correcting my pupils’ book summaries – as I have 55 pupils in grades 7-9 and each had to write 5 summaries during summer holidays you can do the maths and see how many pages I had to go through (and some wrote more than one page per book):
Correcting pupils' book summaries on a Saturday afternoon.

Correcting pupils’ book summaries on a Saturday afternoon.

Song of the week:

  • I heard this one on the radio just before I started writing this post and I really like the lyrics. It is Bruno Mars and his Count on Me:


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