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Reprogram your mind and improve your self-worth

People can often be very critical of themselves and we often scold ourselves time after time for the tiniest mistakes we make, but at the same time we forgive others for making the same ones. We also rarely compliment and praise ourselves, and quite often we forget to praise and compliment others. Just think about it – when was the last time you complimented yourself or praised someone else?

It’s quite strange to see how difficult it is for us to dish a compliment, yet we don’t hold back on criticism.

When we say negative things about ourselves to ourselves or to others, we are killing our spirit and soul step by step. We keep bringing ourselves down until we can no longer find any good characteristics in ourselves. After time, we even stop believing compliments and praises we receive from other people, no matter how sincere and true they are, because if we said them ourselves, we wouldn’t believe them, so why should we believe them when they come from someone else?

Our mind, spirit, and soul are so used to hearing negative comments that they cannot accept a positive one. The only way out of this is to reprogram them, make them accustomed to hearing positive, uplifting things about ourselves. It would be great if we could just lock ourselves up into a room and then play positive comments about ourselves on repeat 24/7, wouldn’t it? And I am pretty sure that at first we would still doubt them, but after hearing them over and over again for a longer period of time, we would come to accept them as true. We would reprogram our mind and soul so that they would NOT immediately jump to negating a praise, but accepting it then and there.

So, how can you reprogram your mind and soul? One way is by repeating positive affirmations to yourself several times a day every day. Repeat them so often that your body no longer fights them, but accepts them as true.

A nice set of positive affirmations can be found here (click on the link). They are of a nice size so you can carry the card with you throughout the day and repeat the affirmations written on it several times a day. They come in a beautiful plastic case which makes them suitable as a gift – you don’t have to add anything, perhaps only a nice bow.

positive affirmation cards Heal and Prosper 2cards with positive affirmations by Heal and Prosper


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