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How to make your own home-made rice milk?

Another alternative to cow milk is rice milk. There are several different types available in our stores, but some can be quite expensive and have quite a lot of added sugars, preservatives, stabilisers and not-so-natural ingredients.

Rice milk super easy to make, all you need is a cup of rice, 4 cups of water, a blender, a nut milk bag, and a sweetener if needed. Here you have two options – you can cook the rice (good way of using leftover rice) or use raw rice. In the latter case, you need to soak the rice in two cups of water overnight. You can use white, basmati, or brown rice. I suggest you try it all and then see which one you like best.

1) Throw everything into the blender (cooked/raw rice, water, and a sweetener if needed) and blend for about two minutes.

2) The last part of the process requires you to strain the milk through the nut milk bag. Instead of the nut milk bag, you can use a very fine strainer or sieve, or several layers of cheesecloth (muslin) – or you can also use the cheesecloth and the strainer (the best option). Just pour the rice milk slowly through the filter into a large bowl underneath. When most of the milk has passed through the strainer, gather up the cheesecloth and gently squeeze it to remove excess liquid.

nut milk bag

nut milk bag

straining the milk

straining the milk

Store the milk in the fridge and shake well before use.

You could add some cacao powder for chocolate milk. Fresh fruit, coconut, and cinnamon work well, too.

Avoid heating this type of milk on the stove; it will thicken before your eyes just like pudding!


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