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My life is my legacy

It seems to me that the older we get the more we think about what we want to leave behind. If you are an actor or actress, you leave behind your movies that people can enjoy, they might make them laugh, make them think about certain issues or about life in general. If you are a singer, you leave behind songs that evoke deepest emotions in people, help them through hard times, cheer them up, make them recall things from their past, etc.

What about us, the regular people? What is our legacy? Basically, how we lead our lives is our legacy. The way we treat ourselves is our legacy. The way we treat people around us is our legacy. All of this is a testament of our character, of us as a person.

Wednesday's Wisdom

The truth is that what we remember most about other people is how they made us feel, which includes how they treated us and how they spoke to us, we remember the experiences we shared with them, the memories we created together, and what kind of a person we were when we were in their presence.

It is quite natural that we want people to remember us as a good, loving, caring, and giving person, and if we want that to happen, we need to behave in this way when we are in contact with other people.

We are usually at our best when we are content with ourselves and our lives. The best way to achieve this is to live life in honesty, to live it in accordance to our true selves, and to make the most of each day. Remember that we have only one life; we do not get a redo at it. At the end of the day, we are responsible only for our lives, and we ourselves have to be content with our life, no one else.


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