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Take your shoes off!

Whenever I watch American or British films or sit-coms, I am always fascinated by the fact that people don’t take their shoes off when they enter a home. You often see them walking around in their homes in shoes, and sometimes, much to my horror, they use them when they are lying on their beds or even jumping on beds with them.

Ever since I was little, it has been customary for anyone entering a home to take off the shoes and put slippers on. Even in primary school, we had wardrobes where we would leave our coats, jackets, and our shoes.

Take your shoes off and wear slippers!

The reasons why I think this makes common sense are:

1 You don’t know where your shoes have been and what you have stepped on, and you wouldn’t want to spread all that dirt and bacteria all over your home.

2 By taking your shoes off, your feet get to breathe. When they are stuck in a shoe for most of the day, they are in an enclosed area, and they often get sweaty. When feet are wet and are still inside a shoe, bacteria start to grow – perfect for toenail infections, infections between toes, abscess, and cellulitis. This is especially a problem during winter when it is cold outside so you wear warm shoes, and when you get inside it is usually relatively warm so just imagine what is happening to your feet in those warm boots. 😉

3 If you wear high heels, your feet also get to relax when you take the shoes off.

4 If you don’t walk around your home in shoes, but in clean slippers, you don’t need to mop the floor every day, sometimes even several times a day. 😀

I go even as far as wearing slippers at work. I just find it that much more comfortable – I guess this is done a bit easier when you work in a school.

What do you think about wearing shoes inside?

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