Crohn's disease / Ulcerative Colitis / Week in review

Week in review

Fact of the week:

  • Just because your child is well-behaved at home, it doesn’t mean that (s)he is the same at school.

Quote of the week:

  •  The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly. by Corra Harris

Photo of the week:

  • I bought some cheese at the store and when I opened it, I realized that there had to be a dog in the factory – I mean, how else can you explain this:
I think there was a dog at the cheese factory.

I think there was a dog at the cheese factory.

Article of the week:

Activities of the week:

  • I had a really exhausting week because on top of my regular hours (and I already have 1.5 lessons more than it is required), we had a PTA meeting in the late afternoon, and I had to substitute 4 lessons. Luckily, the teacher is returning from paternity leave on Tuesday.
  • I substituted two P.E. lessons. In one, I only did the warming up because the girls then had to continue learning a dance routine. In the other, the other teacher decided that they would practise running long distances, and as they did this outside, I had to run with them and I didn’t even have the sports gear on! I am proud to say that not only did I do it, but I was even better than some 13-year-olds!
  • I found a lovely green and white jumper.

green and white jumper

  • After thinking about it for a few months, I finally decided to clean my basement. I threw out all my notes from my student times (hey, it’s highly unlikely that I will be needing those in the future), and while I was going through those 3 boxes, I found my old medals! 😀 I got them about 23 years ago so it seems like another lifetime, but they still bring joy to my face. 😀 My sister has a bronze medal so we can throw our own competition. 😛 😀
My medals from my childhood.

My medals from my childhood.

  • Saturday was amazing! It was sunny and the temperatures went up to 25°C, so I went rollerblading with my sister. OK, I also rode my bike before and after rollerblading – it was almost impossible with the wind, but somehow I managed. 😉 As my nephew needed to be fed, I used this time to enjoy the sun. 🙂 Rollerblading while pushing a pram is hard work; I really thought I would wake up without severe pain in my leg muscles but luckily I was wrong. 😀
Taking a break and enjoying the sun.

Taking a break and enjoying the sun.

  • When I went for a walk at the beginning of the week, I noticed the sing below. What does it mean? I hear you wonder. Does it mean that the triathlon continues there, or that bikers can refresh themselves here? None of the above. It shows the water route for bicyclist, so it shows where you can ride your bike along the river using bike lines.
Bikers, you can go swimming here. :P

Bikers, you can go swimming here. 😛

  • I spent the evenings curled up in my bed watching World Championships in artistic gymnastics. 😀 If I was disappointed that it wasn’t broadcast live on any sports channels at first, this disappointment quickly turned into excitement when I discovered that I could watch it in the evening on my PC, even if it wasn’t live. 😀 I remember years ago I only watched men to pass time before the next women’s apparatus, but a few years ago  (I think it was in 2011) I discovered that the men’s gymnastics has become more attractive, many because of the Chinese and Japanese gymnasts. Kohei Uchimura really shines above the rest with his elegant and perfect executions, so he is a well-deserved world champion (it’s his 5th world champion title in a row and he is only 25!). Before him, Hiroyuki Tomita was the king of elegance. 😀 Here is a video of Uchimura’s last performance in the all around competition:

  • Living with IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease) makes you afraid of food, so this week it was a personal victory when I managed to gather up courage and try a mandarin orange for the first time in two years.

Song of the week:

  • I just couldn’t think of a song that I would like to post here when it hit me! Here comes the sun by the Beatles.


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