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My Letter to You

I wrote this letter to everyone who has faced a challenging time. I wanted to congratulate them on overcoming it, to remind them to remember the lessons it has taught them, to offer hope to others, and to let them know that they are strong enough to overcome any future adversity.


Dear You,

It requires great courage, as well as exclusion of our ego, to admit we have a problem that we cannot fix on our own, and although we mistakenly believe that reaching out for help means that we are weak, it actually requires strength to do so. You see, when we ask others for help, we need to open up, we need to show our weaknesses and our fears, so we show our vulnerable side, we show the sides of us that we are not most proud of and fear people may judge us by. Not everyone has the courage to open up so be proud of yourself! I congratulate you for choosing to no longer suffer in silence, but to live in freedom. This freedom comes when we expose our true self – the freedom to be ourselves and not having to pretend.

I applaud you for speaking about your challenges, getting help, and, hopefully, encouraging others to do the same. Thank you very much for being a great role model not only for your loved ones but for everyone in your life. While you might not even know how many people you touch and how many people look up to you because you are living your life from your true self now, believe me that you are worthy of admiration! Continue on this path!

Those who have gone through rough times in our lives know how important it is to have a great support system in our family and friends and, as a result, realise the importance to cherish and nurture the relationship we have with them every day. May you always remember to make time for the people you hold dear to your heart. Without them life is nothing but a mere existence, but with them it becomes a beautiful and exciting adventure.

Remember to offer hope to those who need it. Share your story to help them realise they are not alone and to help them open up and ease their soul of the burden they are carrying along. The more hope we spread, the more our heart opens.

Should times ever get tough again, have faith that things will improve, get better, and that you can weather any storm! You have already proved that you can!

With best of wishes,



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