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Getting rid of stress – Part One

When I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I knew that stress was partly to blame for the first flare. I remember starting to feel the pain on my lower left side as the school year was ending (it’s one of the most stressful times of the year), and it disappearing a few days after my holidays started. A big part of my life afterwards has been devoted to relaxing as much as possible.

One of the best ways, if not THE best way, to do so is to spend time with your friends (this also includes family). The funny thing is that quite often when we are stressed, we tend to isolate ourselves and don’t want to deal with people because that means adapting and potential arguments rising from different views and opinions. We should do the opposite – social contact is, namely, a good stress reliever because it offers distraction from your everyday life and work, it provides support, and it helps you tolerate any ups and downs that life throws your way.

Friends having fun. Image from

Friends having fun.
Image from

Having friends with a great sense of humour is a god-send! Laughter lightens your mental load, it releases tension, and brings positive psychological change. It makes us take life less seriously, it makes us see things from a positive side, and it just makes us feel great!

You can also read some jokes, watch a comedy or a funny film, perhaps listen to stand up comedy, even play some games.

Remember that people usually regret not spending enough time with their loved ones, not spending more time at work. So call your friends, go for a drink, have a board game night, or just catch up.

I hope you have enjoyed the two videos! 😉

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