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A little while ago I listened to a webinar by Eben Pagan in which he gave tips on how to double your business. Here is a brief summary.

There are 10 things that can double your business:

1 You need the right mindset: you need to add more value to customers. Money doesn’t grow. You want things that money can buy us. For product launch you give something for free: offer webinars, tutorials, etc.

2 You need the right creativity. Creativity is now the most valuable business skill. So how do you develop your creativity? With various exercises – pick a number between 1-9. Imagine it. What else could this number be, represent? Do this exercise for 60 seconds for a month. Your brain will become more creative, it will give you more ideas.

3 You need the right focus. We live in a world with many distractions and interruptions, and we want to eliminate them – turn off your mobile phone, close the door, turn off the TV and radio, then do two hours of investing time into your product and marketing. If you get these two right, everything else works better. Do this every day for 30 days. Because it takes about 30 days for an activity to become automatized, to become a habit, you will see that after 30 days this will seem natural to you.

4 You need the right product and the right marketing. How do you convert the product into something that the customers will want to buy? You have to find out what their unmet needs are. You can figure out what they want is by talking to your customers – they want to help you create the thing they want to buy. Talk to at least one customer a day. Ask the customers what their biggest fear or frustration is, and what their biggest desire or outcome is.

5 You need the right words. Some words are worth 100 times more than other words. You are no longer competing with other people selling a similar product, but with youtube, text messages so you need the right words to grab people’s attention. Words have emotional value – some words trigger emotions, some also action, you would want to have words that trigger emotions and actions. You can put powerful words at the top of your webpage.

6 You need the right teaching. You need to educate your customers more about your products, why it is that they need this product, how it can benefit them.

7 You need the right testing. Everything is a test. This mindset makes you test your ideas and makes you test your ideas more often (subject lines, videos, web site). Changes can hurt your business so test them before you implement them. You create two email subject lines, the system sends it to your subscribers and it tests which one worked better.

8 You need the right tracking. You need to put on the chart all the important things that are measured. You need to have a visual display of numbers. Measure 5 things every day:

  • track the traffic to your website (how many people visited your website),
  • track the subscriber (how many people opted-in, subscribed, followed),
  • track your sales,
  • track how much money you deposited into your bank account,
  • track how much money went out of your bank account for your expenses.

Just because you have an update, doesn’t mean that the traffic will also go up. If there is an increased traffic, you can see what happened that day (what you posted) and then try to do the same in the future.

9 You need the right team. Who to hire is a million dollar decision. If you calculate how much time it takes you to hire someone (thinking about it, writing the ad, costing if they don’t work out). When you interview people, you usually have:

  1. smooth-talkers (charming, charismatic, good talkers): hire them if you need someone to do presentations, but not if you need someone to get a job done.
  2. smooth-doers (they don’t come over as a smooth-talker, they are not flashy, maybe they don’t talk that much; but they show up every day and get the job done).

When you are interviewing people for a job opening, you want to make sure that they have passion and a track record of successfully driving a project to completion. So you need to ask them about each job they’ve had (what were their expectations, what were their successes and failures, what would their boss say about their successes and failures, why did they leave).

10 You need to have the right commitment. You need to think bigger. You need to set up a game so you can win it. Expose yourself to the best that the others have done because that will inspire you and perhaps give you more ideas.


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