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Getting rid of stress – Part Four


What is it about? Self-hypnosis incorporates guided imagery and visualizations, with the added benefit of enabling you to communicate directly to your subconscious mind to enhance your abilities, give up bad habits more easily, feel less pain, develop healthier habits more effectively, and even find answers to questions that may not be clear to your waking mind.

How most of us picture hypnosis. Image from www.phoenixclinic.co.uk.

How most of us picture hypnosis.
Image from http://www.phoenixclinic.co.uk.

I first tried hypnosis about two years ago. The reason? I just couldn’t fall asleep – and I see that many who have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis experience the same thing. I must admit that I was sceptical about it, I just didn’t think that it would work. That is why I decided to try the free ones first; I think I tried about four.

A couple of those had sea waves as background music – and while I do find them extremely relaxing when I am walking along the beach, it proved to have a different effect when I was listening to them right before sleep as it made me thinking I need to pee. 🙂 Strange, I know.

So I tried another one – this time, without waves splashing in the background. 😉 What bothered me about this one was the accent of the speaker. It really is amazing what our bodies respond to and how they respond to such things. J I did try it a few times but without positive effect.

I was also given a CD by a friend of mine and tried it the very same day with no effect. I just found the woman’s voice contrived and therefore too irritating, so instead of getting completely relaxed I felt nervous. I think that was the last time I played it.

The one I really liked was this one. I remember that the first time I listened to it, I actually felt a wave of relaxation going from my brain down my body. I was really, really impressed. This is also the one I use the most.

Benjamin Bonetti Hypnosis. Image from www.benjaminbonetti.com.

Benjamin Bonetti Hypnosis.
Image from http://www.benjaminbonetti.com.

It takes some practice and training to think about nothing while listening to hypnosis, but it is well worth it when you find the right one for you. Remember to listen to it for at least 21 days for it to have full effect. And of course, read the warnings before purchasing them.


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