Tita's tips

4 qualities of a good relationship

We form relationships every day, be it with our family members, friends, romantic partners, people at work, and also ourselves. In order for these relationships to be successful we need these 4 things:

Respect. You have to earn it, it isn’t just given, which means that you have to treat the other person just as you would like to be treated – and since you wouldn’t want other people to call you names, break promises they make to you, cheat on you, or treat you like you aren’t important, don’t treat others this way. When there is respect, there is also

Attraction. I am not thinking only about physical attraction, but attraction in terms of you wanting to spend time with the other person so it has to do with attraction when it comes to your way of thinking, your goals in life, your moral values, the way the two of you live your lives, etc. When there is such attraction, you feel connected to this person more, because you have things in common, you can share experiences, create new ones, and bond.

Trust. Every relationship needs it. If you don’t trust a person you are with, you can not rely on them, you cannot count on them being there when you need them. When you trust someone, you tell them things about yourself that you wouldn’t tell just anyone, and this creates a bond, it shows your commitment to this person and your relationship.

Commitment. As with every relationship, you need to commit to it – you need to commit to nurture it, which means that you will spend time with this person and that you will be there when this person needs you.


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