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Positive Affirmations now available as audio (in mp3)

My dear readers!

Many of you turned to me, telling me that you love the Heal and Prosper Cards, but have a hard time remembering to pick a card on a regular basis. I thought really hard about what could be done to make sure you stay consistent and as a result heal your soul and prosper in every part of your life – and then it occurred to me! I should turn them into audio. This way, you can just press play, relax, and enjoy.

For those who haven’t checked my pages, here is a short description of what Heal and Prosper Cards are:

They are a  collection of 53 cards, each containing a few positive affirmations. These positive affirmations are connected with different areas of your life – so you have:

  • positive affirmations for love,
  • positive affirmations for relationships,
  • positive affirmations for money and prosperity,
  • positive affirmations for success,
  • positive affirmations for health and general well-being,
  • positive affirmations for family,
  • positive affirmations for self-worth,
  • positive affirmations for creativity, etc.

As you can see, they cover all aspects of life. The first few times you listen to the audio, your body might react to some of the affirmations (you might feel discomfort, you might find an opposite/negative statement, or perhaps you might start crying) – this is perfectly normal and somewhat expected, but it simply means that they have struck a chord, and that the more you listen to the audio, the quicker your body will get used to these affirmations, and start taking them as true for your life.


Positive Affirmations CD cover

I’ve decided to simply name the audio Positive Affirmations.

For now, they are available on CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play Store, or you can order it directly from me by clicking here (you will be redirected to Paypal). The price if you order directly from me and on CDBaby is $0.99; on Google Play Store it is €0.69, while iTunes sets its own price and it is €8.99.


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