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How to improve your self-esteem

Years ago, when my life collapsed and I suffered from low self-esteem, I started thinking what would help me recover.

Fast forward to a few years later, I find a note in my notebook about improving your self-image, self-worth, and self-esteem, and this is what I wrote:

I have just watched Oprah’s Lifeclass: Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant: Colorism: The Secret Shame. In it, Iyanla and the women in the audience talk about discrimination based on skin colour. There was a young woman in the audience who said she didn’t feel beautiful, and that even when others told her that she was, she didn’t believe them because deep down she didn’t see herself like that.

I felt sad for her, and yet I completely understood where she was coming from. When all of your life you have been hearing nothing but unpleasant comments about yourself from people close to you, you start believing them, whether they are true or not, so when later in life someone says something nice to you about you, it’s hard to believe them, and you think that either they are lying or they’re only saying this because they want something from you. Whenever someone says something positive about you, your mind immediately contradicts it by finding at least one negative, unpleasant thing about yourself.

I remember talking to my therapy group and saying how I would need to be locked in a room and have people enumerate all my positive characteristics which I would record and then play on repeat for so long that my body no longer fought them but accepted them as truth. In a way, they would erase all the negative things that were said to me about me by other people and by me.

This is why I created the Heal and Prosper Cards (cards with positive affirmations that you read aloud to yourself), and why I wrote in my book Heal and Prosper that you can ask your parents to write down all the things that they loved about you when you were a child and the things they love about you now as an adult, and then have them read the sentences aloud while you record them so that you can listen to the recording(s) later on and thus heal your soul.

But this time, I got another idea, and this is how Improve Your Self-Esteem audio was born. Perhaps your parents are no longer alive or maybe they are unwilling to do the task above, and that is why I thought really hard about what could be another tool to help you improve your self-esteem.

I realised that it is very important for people to hear a voice telling them good things about themselves because in the past there was a voice that told them negative things, and now they need another voice to counteract all the negative comments, and this is how I came up with recording a lot of positive comments about your physical appearance, your personality, and your abilities. All you have to do is simply upload the recording onto your mp3 player or onto your mobile phone, and just listen to it when you have a couple of minutes – perhaps while getting ready in the morning, while doing some housework, or at night right before you fall asleep. It only lasts around 15 minutes, and I am sure you have 15 minutes a day to invest into yourself, into healing your soul.

If you want to buy the Improve Your Self-Esteem recording, please go to one of the following sites (click on the link and you will be redirected to that site):

improve-your-self-esteem-ae_coverAmerican English:

CD Baby, price $2.99

Amazon, price $9.49

iTunes, price $9.99



improve-your-self-esteem-be_coverIf you’d prefer to listen to the audio in British English, then click on one of these links:

CD Baby, price $2.99

Amazon, price $9.49

iTunes, price $9.99



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