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My romance novel The Healing Touch out now

There’s a good reason why I’ve been neglecting this blog recently – it’s because I was busy writing my first novel. 😀 The day of its release has finally come and you can get yours as paperback and as mobi (for kindle).

Here’s a short summary:

the-healing-touch-cover-2Meet Tina, a teacher in her late 20s. In recent years, she has had her share of heartbreaks – mainly because she seems to go for unavailable men. She also has a fear of intimacy which she believes has something to do with growing up without a father and with an abusive mother.

Then, she meets David, a handsome actor, who moves in an apartment on her floor. He lives with Rob and his dog, but when they move out, David and Tina spend more and more time together and become really good friends. When she opens up to him, he comes up with an interesting plan how to help her overcome her fear. But will it work? And will she finally find love?

You can get it here (click on the link and you will be redirected to the site):

mobi on Amazon

paperback on Amazon

paperback on Lulu

epub on Lulu



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